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Finding Inspiration

Authors are frequently asked, What inspires you?

It’s a very personal question, one with as many different answers as there are authors. And often a very complex answer. A single thing does not bring about the drive to write and finish that manuscript. We have inspiration for the initial spark of a story. Another to actually write it. Another to strive to complete it, and yet another to brave cruel rejection and put it out for the world to see.

For that initial spark, most of my inspiration comes from mythology, folklore, and urban legend. I enjoy retelling old tales in a new way. Comic books, movies, and books also feed my imagination. They encourage me to take a single idea and expand it into a new universe, an alternate history, or a fantasy realm.

The community of authors across the interwebs fuel my confidence and ambition.

Close personal friend and fellow author R. Judas Brown is an invaluable sounding board, helping me to formulate basic premises into full-blown novels. He also provides tons of positive reinforcement, pushing me to believe in my ability to weave fantastic tales.

My former mentor Lisa Vasquez, an amazing author in her own right and kick-ass CEO of her own publishing company (Stitched Smile Publications, LLC), has done amazing at keeping me focused and improving my writing style. She heads a wonderful family of authors, editors, and readers all working towards one goal – to be awesome.

It’s not just people I know who inspire me, but those I’ll never meet, too. I watch writing vlogs obsessively.

Vivien Reis is a self-published author with a friendly demeanor and concise information. I enjoy the personal touch of her videos, but also value her writing advice. Not everything she talks about will apply, but she presents it well and in such a way I can easily twist it to suit my needs.

Travis McBee has many books under his belt at a fairly young age, and I admire his drive to continue writing. He’s a tell-it-like-it-is person, and isn’t one to sugarcoat things. That’s his appeal. His take on writing is realistic and honest.

Gabe at BookishPixie has straightforward advice, quick and to the point. His tips are wonderful starting points to learning exactly where your focus should be and how to get there.

These are the reasons I keep writing, even if it’s slow going. The stories in my head demand to be written. The community around me not only assures me it can be done, but helps to hone my talent along the way so when it finally comes to fruition, it’s worth the wait. I want to get my novel out there. I am inspired to do so.

What inspires you?

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