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Editing Services

Manuscript Evaluation: .001 per word - Complete read of work and a written critique detailing the work's strengths and weaknesses, world-building, plot structure, pacing, character development, dialogue, grammar, punctuation, and style.


Copy Editing: .005 per word - Detailed line edit of grammar, punctuation, spelling, context, consistency, mechanics of style, and obvious format errors. This also includes comments and suggestions regarding character development, world-building, plotting, pacing, and style. Mechanics of writing are made consistent according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Includes a second read-through after author has made corrections.


Developmental Edit: .007 per word - Complete read of your work, and detailed comments and suggestions regarding POV, tense, character development, world-building, plot, sub-plot, dialogue, pacing, style, flow, and consistency. I will search for and provide suggestions for weak spots, plot holes, structure, insufficiently formed ideas, and over-explanation. I will offer advice on how to create a more enjoyable and engaging read for your audience. Includes a second read through after author has made corrections.

Proofreading: .003 per word - A single complete read of a ready-to-publish work to find and mark spelling, punctuation, obvious format errors (extra lines, inconsistent spacing, misaligned paragraphs, font and text color changes), and missing words.

Full Edit: .010 per word - Includes all services provided in the Copy Editing, Developmental Editing, and Proofreading packages.

Sample edits are available on sections up to 5,000 words. If you have any questions or would like to discuss contracting your project with me, please email me.

Disclaimer:  I am not currently accepting non-fiction works. All edits and suggestions are made in my best judgement and do not guarantee a publishing contract or agent representation. I reserve the right to refuse any project for any reason.

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