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Happy New Year!

We have survived another turn of the celestial wheel. Today marks the start of not only a new year, but a new decade. A century ago, we called it The Roaring 20’s, a final party before the devastation of The Great Depression. I wonder what catchy moniker this decade, many years from now, shall be remembered as?

In regards to my personal life, I hope this decade sees the fulfillment of all my long-term goals. To finish those half-written novels populating my hard drive. To finalize the World Settings I’ve been fiddling with for ages. To add dozens more publications to the single title that isn’t even under my name. And maybe, just maybe, show some kind of financial reward for all my efforts.

Top of my goals is completing the YA Paranormal novel I’ve been pecking away at for 3 years. Over the weekend, I began my 6th, and what I hope to be final, rewrite of the manuscript. I’ve poured a lot of heart and soul into it, and the many hindrances to its completion has been more than a little frustrating. Many of those hindrances were health related, something I think is finally getting under control. Moving several times during those 3 years and a huge career shift also contributed to the slow pacing. I can’t promise this year will be different, but I can promise to give it my all.

Days before Thanksgiving, I moved (again) into a new apartment. It is much more pleasant than my last place, has a better design plan, and overall less anxiety-inducing. I’ve also changed the medication I take for my anxiety and depression disorder and it has helped tremendously. To add more joy on top of joy, I’ve found a local community I fit in well with and am on my way to having some kind of social life to replace the one I lost when I left my home of 25 years back in 2016. The mess I created for myself is finally unraveling.

As the days move forward, I hope to share more of my writings here, as well as my personal interests and hobbies. I hope you’ll follow along with me as I work to make this year my most productive yet!

Happy Writing!

Progress report: Witches of Lewyn Book One: Dead Dreams draft 6 word count: 4773.

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