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Combating the Sedentary Slog

A great many of us have been spending most of our time at home this year. For some, this has included transitioning to an at-home work or school environment. That translates to a lot of sitting down, lounging on the couch with a work computer on a lap tray, or even setting up a makeshift office in bed. Writers especially are prone to sitting for hours upon hours without proper breaks, striving to squeeze every last word possible out of our brains and onto the page. No more commuting, taking walks around the building during breaks, or speed-walking to the closest sandwich shop for a quick lunch. Everything we need for our day is within reach, or only a couple of steps away. And while this is all very convenient for multitasking, sleeping late, or dealing with any of the myriad tiny annoyances found at the office or school, it also means a sharp decline in daily movement. All that sitting, or even standing still if you have a standing desk, can have detrimental long term effects.

Daily movement contributes and aids in digestion, circulation, heart health, and even your mood. Especially in stressful times, it is important to keep your body and mind healthy, and not allow yourself to become fused with your seat. A good recommendation is to take a 5 minute break to stretch, walk around, or do simple exercises every hour during your working day. You can even use your desk as your exercise equipment! This is also a way to give your brain a much-needed breather from focusing on tasks and will help you feel energized and ready to tackle that do-to list or project once again. Here are some links I have gathered as examples of exercises to try, and more in-depth explanation of their benefits:

While at your desk -

Anywhere in your home -

Everywhere else -

I hope this information has been helpful. Take care of your body ,mind, and spirit, and until next time,

Keep Writing!

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