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Sianyn was born in Galveston, Texas to military parents and spent most of her childhood moving from base to base, including a year in Baumholder, Germany. She settled in the picturesque town of Quincy, Illinois where she finished high school, married, and started a family of her own. The urge to move never quite left her, and she has since moved many more times. She currently resides in Southwest Oklahoma.


She grew up reading old fairy tales at her grandmother's knee, instilling in her a passion for history, mythology, and the importance of storytelling.  Obsessed with the rich pantheons, folklore, and superstitions across the world, she enjoys exploring the "what ifs" of life's many questions.


She developed a joy for writing at a young age and began recording her daydreams as soon as she could form the letters. Infinitely more entertained by a rich fantasy life than reality, Sianyn has embarked upon a journey of sharing her musings with the world in the hopes others may also be entertained.  


To expand her grasp of English grammar, Sianyn worked as an intern for a senior editor for two years, assisting with clients and copywriting. In 2019, she completed an online course in grammar from the University of Queensland. She now works as a freelance content writer, editor, and fantasy author. 


When not writing or editing, you can find Sianyn binge-watching her favorite TV shows, customizing 1/6th scale models, and pretending her life is much more organized than it actually is. 

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